Engineering & Installation

Engineering and project management

Engineering, planning, optimizing, evaluating, debottlenecking and site management for the manufacturing and producing industries.

Procurement with global sourcing.

Project management, process audits and risk management of technically complex systems.

Site Supervision and Installation Services

Site preparation, project planning, contractor coordination and supervision.

Core competence in installing key components in industrial complex production systems where attention to detail is mandatory and the timeline is crucial with high priority on safety.

Process calculations, optimizations, simulations

Gas management and combustion calculations. Environmental engineering for the cement, lime, minerals, power, metal, chemical and glass industries (CO2, SOx, D/F, VOC/THC, NOx, CO, PM, Hg, NH3, HCl, PM).

Process evaluation, engineering studies, feasibility studies, and engineering reviews.

CFD calculation and evaluation.

Air pollution control strategies.

Alternative fuels and materials

Alternative fuels and raw materials from MSW, industrial waste, construction & demolition waste, tires, wood, sewage sludge, liquid waste, bio-mass and hazardous waste.

Selection, preparation, receiving, storing, conveying and injecting.

Process equipment and turnkey plant solutions for various industries such as cement, lime, power and gasifiers.

Quality insurance and control.

Processed Engineered Fuel (PEF/RDF) Systems Including Drying Options

Mass balance calculation, equipment sizing and selection including international purchasing, installation and maintenance.

Various drying options (if required): bio-dryer, belt dryer, drum dryer, and flash dryer.

Resource Recovery Systems

Paper, glass, film, plastics and metal recycling solutions. Single equipment as well as turnkey solutions.

Process optimization, mechanical evaluation and risk analysis.

Debottlenecking, troubleshooting, and maintenance services.

Equipment inspection, Debottlenecking, and maintenance services

Process optimization, mechanical evaluation, and risk analysis.

Debottlenecking, troubleshooting, and maintenance services.

Coaching, maintenance evaluation and training.